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Lemon Lime Lab 

Addressing the Future of Work while eradicating domestic and global poverty, one job, one person at a time.

Using a Social Enterprise model, our Lemon Lime Lab provides impact sourcing services. Impact sourcing helps businesses and entrepreneurs make sourcing decisions based on social impact in addition to receiving a quality of work from our independent network. 

Social Enterprise 

Lemonade Service

Provide work readiness training to low-income individuals with technology skills to enhance online work platforms. This type of training will help trainees be part of the future digital workforce and secure independent work while making a living wage income.

Citrus-Lime Network

Help provide connection and source of freelancing, which directly help individuals generate supplemental income, advance their careers, and create the lifestyle they desire.

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Be a part of the Movement. 

"The most sustainable way to fight poverty is to give work"- Leilah Janah.

 Most jobs are created by entrepreneurs and small business owners like you. Using your existing budget, your business can address this social problem. Talent is universal but the opportunity is not. Support our Social Enterprise model and create an opportunity to give work to our Lemon Lime Lab professionals. 

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