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Nina Corder is a Social Entrepreneur and Professional Business Development Advisor with over 10 years of experience in organizational leadership, project management, and administrative support services. Nina's mission is to serve and support others' passion and purpose so that together we can be part of something bigger than ourselves. As a Social Entrepreneur, Nina seeks to provide services and skills training to those who in turn provide services or products that aim to elevate the quality of lives of all humanity. 

What Can We Do For You?

We can provide on-site or virtual services to companies, businesses, and professional individuals. We are most effective and valuable at supporting peers and clients in various sectors, with an opportunity to coach, mentor, and inspire one another.

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Operational and Organizational Consulting

Help identify and analyze individual or organization shortcomings, and ways to improve effectiveness and general performance in the workplace or business on a continuous basis. Identify and help businesses develop Standard Operating Procedures or Manual books.

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Project Management

Wide experience with adapt skills to manage and responsible for multiple tasks or assignments for a project. Effective at Project-based assignment from planning, overseeing, and leading projects or tasks from ideation through to completion. 

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Customer and Program Support

Help develop, support, and implement effective practices, strategies, and technologies to manage customer or program network. The goal is to improve customer or program service, relationships, assist in retention, increase productivity, and drive sales growth.

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Personal Assistant and Administration Management

Support various tasks such as arranging appointments, booking meeting rooms, data entry to executing tasks, managing both internal and external events, virtual platforms, or activities. Open to support general office management and virtual assistants with possibly maintaining the business social media accounts.

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Data & Research

Help with data collection, research from various sources, and provide data that turns it into information that can offer ways to improve a business, thus affecting business and individual decisions to increase productivity.

Destination & Concierge Services

From the pre-assignment trip, home and school search, community orientation, to arrival welcoming and departure assistance, as your Destination Service provider, we can ease the transition for employees, family and help companies reduce the complexity of international relocation.

Globally Trusted By Our Partners

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Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Organized and Efficient

“We are feeling a little all over the place when we relocated in the US, because of Nina’s expertise and understand all tasks needs to happen, we are now settled into the new community”.

D. Micheal

Assignee with IOR 

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Flexible and Committed

“I am so relieved to have Nina part of our Leadership and operating support. She is multi-talented, efficient, and committed to any assignments that need execution.״ 

Client A (NDA)

President, Company A

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Creative & Resourceful

“Nina with Women of Toledo and her team brought together some very special women for the #breaktheglass program to tell their stories! Nothing more powerful than sharing your story, you never know whom you may influence and help.״ 


Program's Participant

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